Juicy Fruit Baby Food Labels

Juicy Fruit Baby Food Labels | Printable Baby Food Freezer Label | Free Download

Here is my second set of baby food labels for you to label your freezer bags and containers for your homemade baby food.  These Juicy Fruit labels are extra colorful and fun and I hope you like this design.  In case you missed yesterday’s Green Bliss design, click here to view that post and download it.

Check back tomorrow as I will be posting the final set of baby food labels.  If you enjoy these and would like more designs, simply leave a comment and I am happy to make more.


These labels are 2×4 and come as a full sheet.  For best results, print on full sheet label paper (i.e. Avery labels or you can find similar online) and simply trim the labels down to size.  Or, you can go the economical route (I did) and print on regular printer paper or cardstock and use freezer tape to attach the label to the freezer container. I know you are probably thinking this will look tacky but I have a solution for that!

To hide the tape, cut about an inch of the tape and make a circle with it (so it acts like double-sided tape), while taping the ends together.  Do this as many times as you need to make sure you have enough for the back of the label.  Once you’ve applied the now double-sided tape, stick the label on the bag and you shouldn’t be able to see the tape at all!

You can also use permanent double-sided tape which is probably the easiest.

Don’t forget to make sure your printer settings are on “best” quality or it may not come out vibrant and crisp.  Please leave questions in comments and I will be glad to help you.

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Juicy Fruit Baby Food Labels – Download

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