5 Ways to Save Water

5 Creative Ways to Save Water | World Water Day

Save WaterToday is World Water Day and it’s time to reflect and really think about the amount of water we waste on a daily basis and learn how to save water.

According to WorldWaterDay.org,  1.8 billion people consume contaminated drinking water, putting them at risk of contracting cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio.  What if one of these people were you?

It is our responsibility to make sure we are using water conservatively and necessarily.

How Much Do Water Do You Waste?

Conduct a home water audit from wateruseitwisely.com to determine if you are on the right path to save water.  This is a simple online assessment that will calculate your score and tell you how you are doing.  I took the assessment and scored an 11, which means I have a lot of room for improvement in the areas mentioned.  Take the assessment and share your results in comments.

5 Creative Ways to Save Water

  1.  Take Advantage of Rain Water – When rain showers are in the forecast, take advantage of the water and use rain barrels or other containers to collect the water to use for your garden.  You can also use the collected rain water to wash your car.  Avoid using water from the tap (this will save you lot of $$ too).   One of my neighbors goes outside when the weather is hot to wash his car while it’s raining (it also helps to cool him off).
  2. Don’t pour unused water down the drain – How many of us fill up our glasses with the intention to drink a full glass only to not finish it, then pour it out because it had been sitting, and then fill it back up again?  Better yet, what about the water poured down the drain simply because you can’t remember which cup you used?  Instead of pouring the water down the drain, water a plant or save it to wash the dog.  You know your also paying every time you fill your cup right?
  3. Let mother nature take care of your grass – This is the biggest misuse of the tap.  I’ve seen resident’s turn on a sprinkler and forget about it.  Sometimes, the sprinklers are not placed correctly and they are watering the street and not the grass!  Allow nature to take care of your lawn or use collected rainwater to supplement in the hotter months.  It may be browner in the summer, but so will everyone else’s and that’s just how nature works.  Your lawn will bounce back don’t worry!
  4. Reduce the amount of manicures and pedicures you get – Your weekly mani/pedi uses a crazy amount of water each week!  Even though it’s not affecting your personal water bill, it still wastes water.  Cut back and give yourself a pedicure immediately following a nice warm bath, using the leftover water.  Then use clean water to rinse.
  5. Collect the water while you wait for it to get hot – Fill up a pitcher and use the collected water to boil for tea/coffee.

I invite you to a 30-day Water Conservation Challenge to change our water habits.  See how much you can save and feel free to post in comments what you are doing to conserve so that others can adopt those ways too!

Visit www.WorldWaterDay.org and www.WaterUseItWisely.com for additional resources and learning more!